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No milk for my morning COFFEE…….

By January 19, 2017 Being Mom, Everyday life, health

There was no 5:30am wake up this morning, the luxury of sleeping in until 630 was fantastic. Colten has a doctor’s appointment, so lucky duck, gets the day off school. What could go wrong right. A easy morning wake up, only 2 clients and a doctors appointment.

Well my 630 wake up, became not so pleasant, as I’m laying there realizing, I have no milk in my fridge for morning coffee. Coffee is my morning motivator, the thing that makes my chaotic rush, not so chaotic. let’s just say coffee is my MORNING. All of a sudden things took a turn, I jumped up, got dressed. Timmies run it is.

Getting Colten ready took 30min, and of course he was convinced the dogs needed a car ride. 30min later boots and coat are on, dogs on the leash, and my hair is getting pulled out. Piled up in the car, I took the quick route to Timmies, back alley to pass the stop lights, a biker is swerving everywhere and right in front of my car. Brakes get slammed, and my poor pup head hits the dash board.”Come on buddy, watch where your going. I don’t even have my coffee yet”. hes lucky my reflexes were even that good.

I rush back home, a quick dog walk, and then I can relax and enjoy my morning. Colten tells me he is walking joey (joey is our Yorkie-poo 1 year old puppy) he is stubborn, my trouble maker child. He chases cars, barks at everyone, and has one hell of an attitude. Colten with muffin in hand, grabs the leash, and there goes joey, leash and all. Running does the street, like he has never experienced freedom. As I am chasing him with my other dog in my hand and coffee in the other, coffee is spilling everywhere. Great here comes a car. I thought it was the end of joey. Runs right in front of the car. The nice lady had time to stop…great now I’m the crazy swerving biker, I can just imagine her thoughts…come on lady get you shit together, your hand are full, hairs a mess, you look like a disaster. ( I should have not been out in public looking like this.)

Pick up joey, now with my half empty coffee, with not even a sip out of. Head back home. Colten is yelling at me “mom be careful, he could have died, how would you feel, if that happened to you. Don’t yell at joey, he is just a baby” oh my compassionate child.

My relaxing morning turned into a chaotic, possible 2 collision, arguing morning.with a half empty coffee.

Can someone please bring me MILK. Mornings without coffee are not my strong point. I need to stock up on milk.

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