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Bring that sexy MOM to life

By January 29, 2017 Being Mom, Everyday life

It’s all to easy to grab those sweatpants, and an old, baggy shirt in the morning. The cozier the better…..right? You have a ton of work to do, get the kids breakfast, pick up, break up battles, the list goes on and on….who has time for makeup, hair and decent clothes?


You need to feel confident, sexy and OWN your MOM status. Let me give some tips on how to rock and feel completely satisfied with your mind and body.

  1. Put on Nice clothes-



    It is so easy to grab those beat up sweats and oversized tee to start your day. Instead grab those nice fitting jeans and your sexy panties, put on that new shirt you have yet to wear, and rock that new outfit. OK, your not going out…..doesn’t matter. The outfit will boost your confidence and make your sexy come out. You will find the motivation, and be ready to take on the day!

  2. Wear some makeup

    Not a makeup person?…..well start. I’m not talking about looking like you are going clubbing, or out on a hot date. Apply a little eye colour, and grab that neutral lipstick. Its amazing how a little lipstick, can bring that sexy out. When you thought it was going to be a stay in day, I guarantee you will want to go out, and do that grocery shopping. It is a huge boost.

  3. Quick Hair Do

    we are all guilty of it. Throwing our hair up in a ponytail. its easy and it works. But try some of the easy, sexy hair do’s on youtube. a messy bun, a braid, or a funky pony, or just let it down with curls or straightening. These take a few extra minutes, but will pull everything together. Feeling good about yourself will boost everything in your life. The way you look at your day, your motivation, even the way you talk and respond to people.


We have all struggled with taking care of ourselves, when we have our precious little ones. Their needs come first, so being comfy is easy. But for one day, try these tips. Take care of you, feel confident, feel sexy. And the way you take on your day will change.



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