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Overwhelmed with my sons diagnosis of Celiac

By January 23, 2017 Being Mom, Everyday life, health

Colten has been under the weather for nearly 5 months. At first I jumped to the conclusion, he is a kid, they spread sickness like the speed of light at school. It started with random vomiting, and moaning his stomach hurt. Progressively he seemed to be complaining more, and more. His burps got worse, with every meal we was burping and regurgitating his food. It started to become very concerning and uneasy.

The doctors appointment was made, and thank goodness. He seemed to be getting progressively worse by the day. The feeling of helplessness is unbearable for a parent. Knowing your child is hurting, and you have no control or super power to make it better. I spent countless nights up with Colten crying on the toilet, asking me to take him to the hospital. I had hospital trips, that ended in 6 hour waits to be sent home.

Finally last Thursday, we got the news. Colten is Celiac ( we have some further tests) Fantastic, right I found out. Now I feel like there is some control over the situation. My whole lifestyle needs to be changed in a few days, wow overwhelming.

I never realized the amount of products we eat with wheat, rye and barley. Our complete diet needs to be switched. How hard is that for a 5 year old, my heart melts for him.

I look at this situation, with overwhelm but joy. Joy of now we know. Overwhelm for Colten, how this affects every aspect of his life, and what a hard thing to understand for a 5 year old.  I know we will conquer the Celiac diet, and adapt to it, but what a lifestyle shocker.

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New town, New school, New Friends!

By January 18, 2017 Being Mom, Everyday life

The 2 month build up of excitement is finally here. The first day of a brand new school.

With a recent move under our belt to a brand new town, new friends, and a new life adventure. I have tried my absolute hardest to make this transition for my 5 year old an easy one. With the move going smoothly, and great new exciting things to do in the town, Colten was more then excited to start his new school and meet new friends.

“It’s always harder for the parents”. I made it my mission not to show Colten my anxiety of him walking into a new classroom, with new faces and having to start over, half way through the year.

Lunch was packed before we went to bed, clothes set out for the morning. Wake up came and the morning went better then expected. He was still ready to take the jump into the new adventure. We walked into the new classroom, as my anxiety was soaring for him. I looked down and Colten was gripping onto my leg, looking at all the new faces sitting in a circle at carpet time. My heart dropped. Right then and there I wanted to scoop him up, and take him back to his old school.

I had to be brave for him. We unpacked his bag, put on his indoor shoes and ventured to the carpet.

The teachers immediately incorporated him into the activity, as he sat there quietly assessing the new surroundings, I left with my eyes swelling.  That day at work, I couldn’t stop thinking about “who is he playing with at recess” “is he making any friends”. I left at 2 and rushed to the school to rescue him.  To my surprise, he had a GREAT day. Made a new friend, and loved the teachers.

My little man is much braver then me. New adventures are hard, and scary. But my little man jumped in with both feet. Proud Mommy Moment

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