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Bring that sexy MOM to life

By January 29, 2017 Being Mom, Everyday life

It’s all to easy to grab those sweatpants, and an old, baggy shirt in the morning. The cozier the better…..right? You have a ton of work to do, get the kids breakfast, pick up, break up battles, the list goes on and on….who has time for makeup, hair and decent clothes?


You need to feel confident, sexy and OWN your MOM status. Let me give some tips on how to rock and feel completely satisfied with your mind and body.

  1. Put on Nice clothes-



    It is so easy to grab those beat up sweats and oversized tee to start your day. Instead grab those nice fitting jeans and your sexy panties, put on that new shirt you have yet to wear, and rock that new outfit. OK, your not going out…..doesn’t matter. The outfit will boost your confidence and make your sexy come out. You will find the motivation, and be ready to take on the day!

  2. Wear some makeup

    Not a makeup person?…..well start. I’m not talking about looking like you are going clubbing, or out on a hot date. Apply a little eye colour, and grab that neutral lipstick. Its amazing how a little lipstick, can bring that sexy out. When you thought it was going to be a stay in day, I guarantee you will want to go out, and do that grocery shopping. It is a huge boost.

  3. Quick Hair Do

    we are all guilty of it. Throwing our hair up in a ponytail. its easy and it works. But try some of the easy, sexy hair do’s on youtube. a messy bun, a braid, or a funky pony, or just let it down with curls or straightening. These take a few extra minutes, but will pull everything together. Feeling good about yourself will boost everything in your life. The way you look at your day, your motivation, even the way you talk and respond to people.


We have all struggled with taking care of ourselves, when we have our precious little ones. Their needs come first, so being comfy is easy. But for one day, try these tips. Take care of you, feel confident, feel sexy. And the way you take on your day will change.



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No milk for my morning COFFEE…….

By January 19, 2017 Being Mom, Everyday life, health

There was no 5:30am wake up this morning, the luxury of sleeping in until 630 was fantastic. Colten has a doctor’s appointment, so lucky duck, gets the day off school. What could go wrong right. A easy morning wake up, only 2 clients and a doctors appointment.

Well my 630 wake up, became not so pleasant, as I’m laying there realizing, I have no milk in my fridge for morning coffee. Coffee is my morning motivator, the thing that makes my chaotic rush, not so chaotic. let’s just say coffee is my MORNING. All of a sudden things took a turn, I jumped up, got dressed. Timmies run it is.

Getting Colten ready took 30min, and of course he was convinced the dogs needed a car ride. 30min later boots and coat are on, dogs on the leash, and my hair is getting pulled out. Piled up in the car, I took the quick route to Timmies, back alley to pass the stop lights, a biker is swerving everywhere and right in front of my car. Brakes get slammed, and my poor pup head hits the dash board.”Come on buddy, watch where your going. I don’t even have my coffee yet”. hes lucky my reflexes were even that good.

I rush back home, a quick dog walk, and then I can relax and enjoy my morning. Colten tells me he is walking joey (joey is our Yorkie-poo 1 year old puppy) he is stubborn, my trouble maker child. He chases cars, barks at everyone, and has one hell of an attitude. Colten with muffin in hand, grabs the leash, and there goes joey, leash and all. Running does the street, like he has never experienced freedom. As I am chasing him with my other dog in my hand and coffee in the other, coffee is spilling everywhere. Great here comes a car. I thought it was the end of joey. Runs right in front of the car. The nice lady had time to stop…great now I’m the crazy swerving biker, I can just imagine her thoughts…come on lady get you shit together, your hand are full, hairs a mess, you look like a disaster. ( I should have not been out in public looking like this.)

Pick up joey, now with my half empty coffee, with not even a sip out of. Head back home. Colten is yelling at me “mom be careful, he could have died, how would you feel, if that happened to you. Don’t yell at joey, he is just a baby” oh my compassionate child.

My relaxing morning turned into a chaotic, possible 2 collision, arguing morning.with a half empty coffee.

Can someone please bring me MILK. Mornings without coffee are not my strong point. I need to stock up on milk.

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New town, New school, New Friends!

By January 18, 2017 Being Mom, Everyday life

The 2 month build up of excitement is finally here. The first day of a brand new school.

With a recent move under our belt to a brand new town, new friends, and a new life adventure. I have tried my absolute hardest to make this transition for my 5 year old an easy one. With the move going smoothly, and great new exciting things to do in the town, Colten was more then excited to start his new school and meet new friends.

“It’s always harder for the parents”. I made it my mission not to show Colten my anxiety of him walking into a new classroom, with new faces and having to start over, half way through the year.

Lunch was packed before we went to bed, clothes set out for the morning. Wake up came and the morning went better then expected. He was still ready to take the jump into the new adventure. We walked into the new classroom, as my anxiety was soaring for him. I looked down and Colten was gripping onto my leg, looking at all the new faces sitting in a circle at carpet time. My heart dropped. Right then and there I wanted to scoop him up, and take him back to his old school.

I had to be brave for him. We unpacked his bag, put on his indoor shoes and ventured to the carpet.

The teachers immediately incorporated him into the activity, as he sat there quietly assessing the new surroundings, I left with my eyes swelling.  That day at work, I couldn’t stop thinking about “who is he playing with at recess” “is he making any friends”. I left at 2 and rushed to the school to rescue him.  To my surprise, he had a GREAT day. Made a new friend, and loved the teachers.

My little man is much braver then me. New adventures are hard, and scary. But my little man jumped in with both feet. Proud Mommy Moment

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The importance of taking care of YOU.

By January 10, 2017 Being Mom, entrepreneur, Everyday life, health, success

Finding yourself run down all the time. Making yourself have energy to get to that sports game, to get groceries, or read that bedtime story. Working your butt off at your career, to come home and work your butt of at parenting.

Are we being the best we can be, by being completely run down, and running off fumes?

I find myself in this position, all to often. I want to be the best in my career, at parenting, and life. Putting all my energy into these categories, to find myself completely run down, exhausted, sick and making trips to the doctors. In reality. I am not being the best at my career, parenting or life. I am running around as a zombie. Forgetting things, getting upset at my son for not picking up lego, forgetting to make time with friends.

Its easy to get caught up in the moment, and live the fast life. We need to take a step back and care about our mental and physical health. Take that time for a coffee date, for a yoga session, and making good meals. These simple things we forget about, are actual the key ingredients to being great at your career, parenting and life.

When we feel good about our mental and physical state, It gives us the drive to succeed, the energy to continue on, the feeling of well being. It keeps us from burn outs and break downs.



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Tips to Dating a Single Parent

By January 8, 2017 Being Mom, Everyday life

Dating a single parent has many up and downs, and is not the traditional dating you may be expecting. It is actually the complete opposite, like living on a whole different planet, and having to adapt to a new and ever changing atmospheric pressures, oxygen levels and lifestyles.  This new planet, is not a horrible or terrifying planet, but completely different from the planet we have grown so familar with.

People who make the decision and choose to date a single parent need to know, and be prepared for this new way of living.


Going on random romantic dates, probably is not in the cards. ( unless the little one is involved of course) Things need to be planned well in advance, with the expectation, that plans may get cancelled due to last minute emergencies. That being said, you need to step up the game with these dates. Very rarely do we get to go out and have an alone night. So when we do, we like it planned and romantic. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the surprise of even babysitting arrangements is huge points to us.  The dates will be amazing and  highly appreciated, because deep down we wish to spend more time alone with you.

2. LIFE IS BUSY- IF YOU CANT HELP…GET OUT ( a little harsh, but true)

As a single parent our daily routine consists of rushed wake ups, forced breakfasts, clothes battles, rushing to school, long work days, pick ups, sports, dinner, bedtime stories, back rubs, and mending break downs. If you cant handle the little time we have during the week day to devote right to you, this probably isn’t the right fit. The way we spend time with you is , we need you to help out, help us with supper, with mending break downs, with down time after bed. Believe me, to single parents helping us with the little things, is the most amazing and a great way to win our heart. Just recently I was reading my son a bedtime story and the man I am dating came in and listened to be part of family time. This completely melts a single parents heart, knowing someone is devoted to you and your child, without being the biological parent.


We all know, our little one, is the top priority. We want someone who understands that, and will make it their top priority to. Fake-ness is spotted quickly. You need to understand most of our time is devoted to our children, so be part of that time.You need to take the child on as one of your own, and that can be a very scary concept. But if you are in it for the long run, making them your family is a must.


This is a habit we can not turn off. Even when the relationship is perfect,their is a voice in our head saying “he/she is going to hurt us”. We are sorry. Our children are number one, and always will be. We protect them from monsters in the closet, bullies at school, so we need to protect them from potential heart ache. Please don’t take this personally. We are not trying to drive you away, or be distant. We just have our protective gear up. When you see the shield in action, show us a little extra love that day, give us a hug and say you care..that’s all we need.


There is no time or tolerance for games. Our lives are so jammed with sports, parent meetings, and careers, we don’t have time for this garbage.  If you have any of those tricks up your sleeve, best not to get involved in the first place. Like listed before WE HAVE OUR GUARD UP. So even if it looks like a game may come into play, your potential of lasting is slim to none. Make it clear to us by actions and vocal that no games will played.


With all those tips, that can be scary and intimidating. But we make amazing companions.

We don’t want drama- We have enough chaos going on in our heads and lives, we probably can’t handle anymore. “keep that shit , far far away”.

We love unconditionally- If you show your potential, we will give you everything we have. We know how,we have already loved unconditionally since the positive pregnancy sign. We understand selflessness.

Sex will be great. We know what we like and want, we know how to cuddle, and the times to actually ‘make love’ are slim, so it needs to be 100% fulfilling.

Debating on switching planets, here is your survival kit. Let it be the best adventure of all time.






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